Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How cool is this?

Of of the things I do to help feed my fiber addiction is participate in a fiber farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) effort. I've got a share with a Fiber Farm, which nets me fiber, awesome blog posts, and a feeling of community around the support of the farm. And now I get to help in a new way - I donated some of my handspun to a Mighty Big Giveaway. I am proud to have done it, and petrified it won't make the winner of that handspun happy as can be. Is it perfect enough? Will they appreciate its handmade-ness? We'll see!

Monday, September 7, 2009

So much to do, so little time

It was pointed out to me the other day that I hadn't blogged in entirely too long. Between Real Life and Fiber Fun, my world has been a busy busy place! Since this is a blog about fiber adventures, let's dive in to that part of my story. Real life is icky anyway.

When last we left our humble explorer, I had wrapped up writing about the Golden Gate Fiber Institute and prepared to head on down to Monterey Wool Auction. Earlier this summer I attended the judging for the fleeces in this auction and learned all sorts of things about wool. I was soooo glad I went to that judging, 'cause when I and my fellow adventurers, sockpr0n and mrspie, saw the tables of fleeces I hardly knew what to do with myself. Fortunately, I had my list of the fleeces I knew I wanted, I had my budget, and soon I had my little number in hand to start bidding.

Fleeces sold at auctions like this generally go for a premium. You are paying for the overhead fees the auction itself adds to the fleece as well as the assurance that you are getting a fleece of at least a certain standard - any weak fleeces are sent back during the judging phase and not allowed up for sale. And this year, you're also paying for a hard year for shepherds. The price of hay has gone up, the price of transportation has gone up, and, well, that means the price of everything has gone up!

I had picked out a few fleeces from Sue Reuser, a mostly-Cormo shepherd, and Janet Heppler, a mostly-merino shepherd, as my prime targets, and I was allowed to get three. By the time the day was done, I had exactly what I wanted - a lovely Cormo fleece I'm sharing with mrspie, and two merino fleeces. One merino fleece in particular I was absolutely stunned I won the bidding on. It is the most fabulous chocolate colored fleece I've ever seen and it's MINE ALL MINE! I don't know what folks were thinking not going after that beautiful thing.

I brought some of the fleece home with me to love and pet and spin, but most went to Morro Fleece Works for processing. I should get it back late this fall.

And that was the first part of the list of things keeping me away from the computer the last few weeks! In a day or two I'll blog about the indigo experiment that is the second part, and later the sweater - my very first, finished today - that was the third. I think I am a real knitter now, for I have finished a sweater. w00t!