Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Before...

OK, so moving wasn't so bad, right? It must be considered an opportunity to review my craftroom set up! I mean, really, it must be, 'cause how it is now simply won't do. This weekend I am committed to getting that room properly sorted out.

I don't feel too terribly bad that it's such an unorganized disaster. I mean, I only just moved in! But still, just 'cause I have an excuse now doesn't mean I can stand it the way it is much longer.

Here's what I am working with:

That's the view from the door.

Next, we have the room from the corner where that lovely leopard print cat bed is located:

And last but not least, a view of the third corner diagonally across the room from the door:

Now, just because I'm trying to fit three spinning wheels, a bench, a stool, a Baby Wolf 8-shaft loom, a small kitchen table with a swift, a bobbin winder, a printer, and a carder, a couple of lamps, books, a vacuum cleaner, some cat toys and perhaps just a wee bit of fiber doesn't mean that organization isn't possible for the sheer quantity of stuff in a 12x12 room. It just means it's going to be ... tricky.

Wish me luck! I'm off to Home Despot this weekend for some Organization Shopping!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She's Fallen Off the Planet!!!

Well, no, not quite, but I'm sure folks who were reading this blog suspect that must have been what happened! I won't go in to truly gory details, much as I love gory details, but the last two months went something like this:
  • Get back from The Golden Gate Fiber Institute to find out I need to move
  • Find a place and start packing
  • Have work go completely mad
  • Go on a pre-paid vacation with Mother
  • Come back and move the next day
  • Fly out just a few days later for a conference
  • Come back and promptly collapse with The Flu
  • Get well just in time to go back on another business trip
And that leads us to now. Whew! I'm moved, but not quite unpacked and organized, which means my photo set up hasn't happened yet. I hate blogging without pictures! Now that things are about to calm down (she says hopefully) however, I decided on my next challenge, which is starting the Master Spinner's program from Olds College. Level 1 and 2 will be distance learning, and levels go all the way up to 6. This will take me a few years, but I suspect it will satisfy my competitive urges. I like to be measured and graded, which is in one way kind of sad, but oh well. That's just me. Maybe, by the time I finish the Master Spinner's program, I'll be ready to start on Master Weaver's!!!

This weekend I'll dig out the camera and see about setting up some pictures to show my new studio, and get back in the proper blogging of things.