Friday, October 1, 2010

Calculating work

Yesterday I took a hike to Second Beach in La Push, WA. I walked for about 6-7 miles. I took over 90 photos that I considered acceptable for posting. Let's do some math.

If only half of those photos were purely inspirational, to give me an idea I could incorporate in to my weaving, that'd be 45 inspirational photos.

If we said that I only got 1 idea from each photo, that's 45 new ideas to play with.

If I incorporated 1 idea in to 1 project, that'd be 45 new projects.

If I managed to get each project right the first time, and each project took my shortest amount of time for an individual project (12 hours), that would be 540 hours of work coming out of these photos.

I was only hiking for 3 hours. That's an average of 180 hours of work per hour of wandering around. Minimum.

I can't stay here much longer or my brain will explode.