Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A "What Am I Thinking" Moment

A few months ago, my sweetheart and I started renting a lovely little house with probably about an acre of land, including an old (sadly neglected) apple orchard. Being where we are in the world, we get plenty of water and just enough sunlight that the grass and wild blackberry grow like they have absolutely nothing better to do. OK, so they probably don't have anything better to do. Work with me on the mental image and let's move on.

Once spring sprang (sprung? sproinged? is springing?) it became painfully obvious that a manual reel mower cannot defeat the acre of grass and blackberry in the orchard. Yes, we tried it, and no, it didn't work. It was a rather optimistic idea evolving out of the fact that we need some exercise and that we've had to move every year for the past 4 years and don't want to buy more equipment like a big mower.

Which leads to the possibly extended moment of insanity. Did you know that it costs about the same amount to house 3 cute little Pygora goats with their lovely spinnable fiber as it does to hire someone with a large mower and an annual aerator and appropriate fertilizer per year? Amazing, isn't it.

And they're so cute. Did I mention that? Some have fiber much like cashmere. Others have fiber much like fine mohair.

Do a Google Image search on Pygora. You will see the cutness.

In any case, I'm playing with the idea. My sweetheart is fine with it as long as he has nothing to actually do with the critters. Now, to see what the landlady has to say about it...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fallen off the planet (again)

Goodness, folks, you must be thinking I've given up fiber hobbies and become a moth or something! Fortunately, no, I've just been very busy. Moving to a new part of the country, moving my online shop and changing its name, pushing to explore new colors and patterns in weaving (i.e. weave more scarves and things), working on my lace knitting (new spin on one of my fiber hobbies), it's all just been wild!

And all of this doesn't mention my fabulous Other Life where I am a contractor doing interesting Internet things. That contract is sending me to present at a conference in Iceland in less than 2 weeks! I have already checked out the possibility of bringing a lovely Icelandic fleece home, and have on my souvenir list a sweater, mittens, and slippers.

It's a lot to keep a girl busy. And since I wasn't busy enough, and given how much I've been weaving, I've decided to split my blogging life in half, with a new blog dedicated just to my weaving entertainments, and this blog for all the rest of my fiber hobbies. Follow what ye will, I will do my best to post a bit more frequently!

And now, back to preparing for my Iceland trip and all the fibery-goodness possibilities in store for me...